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Gulf View Research, LLC.  is a Consumer Marketing Research Company specializing in data collection. Gulf View Research, LLC. (formerly known as Gulf State Research Center), has been in business for over 20 years. Our company started out in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; but now is located in the markets of: New Orleans, Tampa & Orlando. Our New Orleans/Metairie location has both a mall office and seprate full service focus group facility. Over the years we have handled all different types of research projects and have built a great return base with our client's because we show them the quality that's hard to get with one of the larger field services. We strive to do anything and beyond to ensure that your project finishes on time and with high-quality work. We're also willing to conduct work outside of our own markets and we have developed a reputation for helping save a project at the last minute.
Our professional services include the following:

* Mall intercept/Taste testing/Home product placements/Phone recruit's
* Mystery shops/Store audits
* Door to door
* Pre-Recruit's/Recruiting offsite
* Focus Groups/Facility rental's
* Mock juries/Music studies/Tri-ads
* IDI's
* Hostessing 
* Field interviews
* Focus group moderation
* WIFI access
* Video streaming capability
* Video conferencing capability

Contact us for your next project and we will show you the "Southern Hospitality View" you've been missing!!!!


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